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Frequently Asked Support Questions

How do I send a message to my friend?

If your know your friends Wickr ID please enter it into the ‘To:’ field on the compose or new conversation screen. If you do not know your friends Wickr ID then select the “+” button and tap ‘Contact Search’ and then select your friends name.

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To protect you and your friends contact information from third parties and Wickr, ther App will send a disguised representation of your friends’ phone number and email address to our servers, at which point our server will check that representation against our database to see whether that contact has an associated Wickr ID. If they have a Wickr ID then you may send them a Wickr message if they don’t then you may send an invite via SMS or email. All invitations are generated locally on your device, without sharing any information with us.

I lost or want to change my password:

We never store your password on our servers and don’t store it by default in any form on your device. If you forget or want to change your password you will have to create a new account.

Why don't you disable screen capture?

Apple does not allow developers to disable screen capture on their iPhones. Please remember that Wickr provides an encrypted communication channel for you to communicate with people you trust.

Is Wickr HIPAA, FIPS and NSA Suite B compliant?

Our product uses AES 256, RSA 4096, ECDH521, TLS and SHA256 to protect the data in transit and at rest. Our hashing protocol is much stronger than a plain SHA384 as we do numerous rounds and other cryptographic enhancements when using sha256. This meets or exceeds the HIPAA requirements for encryption and privacy. Wickr is also FIPS-2 compliant for military grade encryption and exceeds NSA Suite B compliancy for Top Secret communication.

How do you make money?

Our freemium business model will keep the current basic messaging of the app free. We will be offering our premium services as in-app purchases in a future version.

I can’t locate a message that was sent to me

Most likely the message has expired. Each user that sends a message can decide how long the message will be kept by setting the self destruct time. When you decrypt a message the self destruct time begins counting down. Once the time runs out the message will automatically delete itself.

What do the privacy management (block list) settings mean?

The privacy management settings allow you to either block certain users that you do not want to communicate with or allow you to input which users you want to communicate with.

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The default setting is to allow you to receive messages from anyone who knows your Wickr ID (username). If you do not want to receive messages from a certain user then add them to the Block list or simply click Block when you receive a message from them.

How private are my Wickr messages?

Your messages are secured with military-grade encryption during their entire life span. They can only be read by you and the recipients on the devices you authorize.

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For message encryption, Wickr's patent-pending 'Digital Security Bubble' relies on both the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric block cipher implemented with random 256-bit keys and the elliptical curve ECDH521 algorithm (asymmetric RSA-4096 algorithm for legacy versions).

Can Wickr read my messages?

No. Our service merely facilitates a secure exchange between sender and receiver. At no time does unencrypted message content touch our servers nor is it stored.

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Messages are encrypted by the sending device, sent through our service and provider networks in encrypted form, and decrypted by the receiving device. Our servers never process or store unencrypted messages nor are they ever in possession of the keys to decrypt them.

Is local storage for Wickr secured on my device?

Yes, local storage for Wickr, including account information, sent and opened messages, is secured with military-grade encryption.

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Data is encrypted at rest with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric block cipher implemented with a salted 256-bit key that is never stored or transmitted from the device. "

How anonymous am I on Wickr?

We don't even know your username. And we don't force you to share an email address or other personal information that could identify you to us or other Wickr users.

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Your username, along with all other user and device information related to your account, is irreversibly encoded with multiple rounds of salted cryptographic hashing prior to being sent to our servers. Even we cannot determine the actual values based on the hashed values we store.

Does Wickr log or track my communications or activity?

Minimal logs are kept for the purpose of maintaining system continuity. None of them contain user communications or message tracking information.

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Our logs contain no message content or tracking information related to the delivery of messages. What little they do record contains only hashed user and device information. Our live database contains only hashed sender and receiver device information, and only while encrypted messages are routing through the system. This means that we or anyone viewing the database in real time cannot read any messages or determine which users are communicating. In fact, at a given moment, the only way we can determine who is communicating with whom is if we're given both usernames to start with, which amounts to simply confirming for someone that which they already know.

What about my mobile or Internet provider, can they track my communications in Wickr?

Your provider may be able to confirm that you are communicating with our service, but it cannot read your messages and cannot determine with any degree of certainty with whom you are messaging

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Regarding a provider's ability to establish with whom you are messaging, your mobile or Internet provider may track things such as IP address allocations and push notifications. While our indirect message delivery method may make it extremely difficult to establish all parties to the communication, we cannot entirely control the extent to which conjecture or inference could be drawn through observation of data collected from outside of our network.

How strong are Wickr's secure file shredding features?

Wickr provides the best secure file shredding privacy protection possible on the mobile platform.

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Our secure file shredding features are specifically designed for the way mobile devices store and access data. While running, Wickr works continuously to wipe areas of main memory and device storage recently used to display text or multimedia content.

Do sent messages self-destruct on my device?

Yes, sent messages self-destruct on your device after a reasonable period of time.

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The time it takes a sent message to self-destruct varies depending on how long you expect it to last on the recipient's device. All messages can be manually deleted.

What do you mean by "sender-based control" of messages?

From a privacy standpoint, traditional messaging systems are "receiver-based", in that the recipient gets to decide how long messages live and how they are shared. Wickr lets the sender make these decisions, providing far more confidence that their private messages won't turn up on a lost or stolen phone, becoming stranded on some Internet blog, or resurrect themselves when that social media site they used to use gets hacked.

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We created Wickr so that we communicate safely with our family, friends and colleagues. We've poured a ton of technology into Wickr to help give control of messaging back to the sender. We protect messages with multiple layers of the strongest encryption technologies known to man and set them to self-destruct by default. But we can’t protect you from betrayal.. Your messaging partner knows your secret therefore we encourage you to only send private messages to people you trust!

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